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Big Bear Snow Chains – Sales & Installation

If you’re looking for snow chains in Big Bear, or near the Big Bear Lake area, Phil’s Automotive has inventory on site for most vehicles and wheel & tire sizes. You can purchase snow chains from Phil’s Automotive today and install them yourself, or have our ASE Certified mechanics install them on your vehicle for you. Call us now at 909-878-3377 and check our inventory and prices for your vehicle.


How much do snow chains or snow cables cost?

Phil’s Automotive proudly carries TRYGG & Peerless Z Chains, which are the best possible snow chain/cables you can purchase. Z Chains are fully compatible with anti-lock brakes, traction control, all-wheel drive and other electronically monitored and controlled systems and don’t require that the vehicle be moved for installation or removal. Our snow chains & cables come with a carrying bag and easy to understand installation instructions. Our Peerless Z Chain and TRYGG snow cables start at $90.00, but pricing depends on the specific vehicle and tire size. Additionally, we can install your snow cables or snow chains while you wait for $40.

Which snow chains are right for my car?

In order to know what the right size and type of snow chain you need, you need to understand a bit more about the tire that you’re installing the snow chain on. All tires sold in the US have standardized tire code sizing printed on the sidewall of every tire manufactured. Here’s what the tire codes mean in order:

  • “P” or “LT”: Passenger or Light Truck
  • The next three digits display the tires width measured in millimeters (225, 245, 275 for example).
  • The middle digits show the height to width ratio of the tire.
  • The next character in the sequence is a letter which tells you the type of tire (“R” = radial ply for example).
  • The last two digits indicate the diameter of the wheel.

The snow chains you need are determined by wheel clearance.

The snow chains you need are determined by the wheel clearance. Call Phil’s today at 909-878-3377 and allow us to help you determine the size, type and cost of the snow chains you’ll need. Alternatively, this SAE snow chain chart helps you determine the size of snow chain your car or truck will need:

SAE traction device class Minimum tread-face clearance (A) Minimum side-wall clearance (B)
Class S 1.46 in (37 mm) 0.59 in (15 mm)
Class U 1.97 in (50 mm) 0.91 in (23 mm)
Class W 2.50 in (64 mm) 1.50 in (38 mm)

Let Phil’s Automotive in Big Bear help you with your snow chains.

Phil’s Automotive has been one of Big Bear Lake’s most trusted supplier of snow chains & snow cables for over 20 years. We stock most sizes and can install them for you while you wait in our comfortable, warm lobby. Phil’s is a locally owned, business which employs ASE Certified mechanics. Call us now at 909-878-3377 and let us help keep you and your family safe on the icy Big Bear mountain roads.

Can I install snow cables or snow chains myself?

Generally, in most circumstances most people can install most snow chains & cables themselves on an average car, truck or SUV. However, it’s not always convenient and for some it’s not always easy – especially if you’re pulled over on the side of the road in freezing snow. Additionally, many people just want to pull in, buy their snow cables or chains and have them installed while they enjoy a warm cup of coffee or cocoa.



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